Support Cages

Support Cages

We offer a wide selection of joints for support cages, so that you can choose the right solution for the task
All joints are tested during manufacture to ensure that they meet specifications and that the cage hangs correctly after assembly.


Double-Ring Joint

The double-ring joint is the most common method for support cages.
Cages are easy to assemble and can often be assembled without the use of tools.
Suitable for short support cages.

Sliderscope Joint

This design is more stable, as the joint grips two points on the cage.
Requires a tool for assembly and disassembly.
Can be used on support cages with up to 16 longitudinal stringers.

Baylock Joint

The patented Baylock joint has been developed especially for cages with heavy loads and many longitudinal stringers.
This joint is very durable, but is also simple to assemble and disassemble.
Works especially well with long support cages, where it is important that the cage hangs completely straight after installation.

Collar Joint

Functions as a double-ring joint; however, the joint is “hidden” in the extra collar.
The collar reduces the risk of the joint wearing unnecessarily on the filter bag.


An integrated venturi provides more efficient use of air from the purification system.
The venturi increases both air velocity and static overpressure in the filter bag during cleaning.
Especially suitable for cages longer than 2 meters.

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