Sustainability in filters of tomorrow

Demands for making efficient filtration without compromising the future generations posibility to meet the same demands is a challange we take very serius at Safematic.

Efficient filters are used to protect and secure both people and products of great value. That is why ae expirienced supplier of modern quality products is important.

Safematic supports the UN’s 17 world goals


We have designated 4 world goals, where we can see that we can contribute especially as a company. (goals 7, 8, 11, 12)

PROsyntex: Sustainable yet efficient filtration.  
Safematic ventilation filters in the  PROsyntex Series is one of the most energy efficient filters when both production and operating energy cost are considered.

  • The material for the Prosyntex series is manufactured in our own factory. there are no heavy environmental costs for shipping.

  • Far less energy is used to make the Prosyntex material, compared to other materials.

  • A large part of the waste from the production is being reused in new filters.

  • We use as much recycled plastic as possible, without compromising the stability of the frame.

  • Recycled cardboard is used for packaging.

  • The Prosyntex plus series is available in energy class A and A +. During operation, as little energy as possible is used. The large dust holding capacity means that a stable low pressure drop can be maintained throughout the life of the filters.

  • When the filter is used up, it is incinerated on a waste incineration. Here ProSyntex is converted to energy in the form of electricity and district heating.

The next big step will be when filters can be reused. So instead of looking at the “cradle to grave” consumption, it will be possible to analyze consumption from “cradle to cradle”. We are working hard on the case!