Pocket filter – V-Series

Pocket filter – V-Series

For installations with high demands on service life and operational safety.

  • Multi layer structure of the filter media
  • Shatter-proof synthetic fibres
  • Welded continuous pockets
  • High dust holding capacity and durability
  • Very robust inherently rigid construction konstruktion.
  • V-shaped pockets allow better air flow
  • Effective use of the filter area
  • V-Series polyester versions: V30, V40, V55, V65
  • V-Series progressive microfibre versions: V50, V60, V70, V80
  • Performance of products in filter classes ISO ePM10 to ISO ePM1 certified by Eurovent

DIN 53438 (F1)
ISO 16890
Reach RoHS
VDI 6022

IPA Fraunhofer

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